Shower Door Installation Vancouver

Shower Door Installation Vancouver

Are You seeking a Shower door installation Vancouver that can create a beautiful glass shower enclosure in the hub of your washroom? Stylish glass shower doors enhance the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom by directing the light. It also boosts the value of your home.

Wisal Glass is a famous professional shower door, custom mirrors, and glass railings manufacturer and installer for many years. Our focus is on providing high-quality shower doors, mirror installations, and glass protection application services to satisfy the customer’s expectations and accomplish the necessities. Skilled technicians work with you until your shower door is installed appropriately: and you are Glad about your new bright investment.

What Options Are There For Glass Shower Doors:

There are several choices, including:

  • Shower doors
  • Frameless shower doors
  • Corner doors
  • Door and panel
  • Sliding or pivot shower door
  • And over-the-tub enclosures

Our glass experts will provide a complete guide about design, budget, installation, and maintenance. They will create a solution that will uniquely modify your style.

Shower Door Installation Vancouver

Four Effective Factors:

The best planning is key to every home improvement project. Our Glass Doctor Specialists are always ready to help you consider the following crucial factors before beginning the process of designing your new or upgraded shower doors.


Our talented professionals analyze your washroom walls made of drywall or tile and the proper location of the assisting studs. In this way, they determine the extreme weight of the glass that your bathroom walls could support.


Precise measurements are essential to perform a task perfectly. Wisal Glass experts provide correct estimates for materials and installation and avoid delays in the installation process for their honorable customers. Without wasting any moment, Schedule an appointment today.


Proper ventilation minimizes moisture accumulation. With the help of expert ventilation checks, we make sure your bathroom has all the necessities required for protecting against paint peeling and mold growing. Our crew recommends installing glass steam room kits to improve your bathroom ventilation For a fully tiled washroom.

Shower Heads:

It would be better to select such a shower head that does not let spray water seep onto the washroom floor when the door is open.

Skylight Installation Vancouver

Old or incorrectly installed flashing may be prone to leaks. Therefore, it is mandatory to install skylights properly to add value to your home. Comparatively a standard window, skylights spread and transmit light more evenly. They can light a room up to twenty times its size so efficiently. It is an aesthetically fantastic reason since the room will appear larger and brighter when there is more sunlight in a room.

Give your room a warm glow and natural light, save on lighting costs and appreciate the view with a skylight from our professional certified installers. We provide our manufacturer’s warranty that your skylight will be leak-free for many years to come. You can install these versatile skylights in your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, hallway, showroom, or office building.

Skylight Installation Vancouver

Quite A Few Different Types:

The skylights put forward here at Wisal Glass Roofing are available in both glass and vinyl options in many famous styles, that consist of:

Fixed Skylights:

This type of skylight resembles a window in your roof, but it cannot unlock. It allows for a lot of light in the room by permitting the home to retain heat.

Sun Tunnels Or Tube Skylights

These skylights work like bulkier pot lighting, best for basements and raised roofs in your property. Two versions of skylights are flexible and non-flexible. A series of internal mirrors in the Flexible versions save the light from being lost.

Pyramid and Dome Skylights:

These categories of skylights are best suited for commercial settings comparatively a residential home. However, customized homes with a large atrium have been trendy to feature these tailored skylights.

Curb Mounted Skylights:

These skylights are Like fixed skylights, but they can open. The best advantage of these lights is that they allow for additional airflow and ventilation of heat in the summer season.

What Do We Offer?

Wisal Glass company is a FULL-SERVICE Roofing Company whose work speaks for itself. We have a commitment to you panic-free skylights long after installing or repairing. Our technicians artistically build a customer base in Vancouver by adequately protecting customers from the elements and preserving time and money.

Our roofing professionals have years of experience in skylight installation Vancouver and skylight maintenance. They can comfortably determine if there is trouble. What are the major causes of the problem you are having, and how to adjust it? You only need to rest back and enjoy your skylight.

Window Installation Vancouver

Everything in this world needs a change and similarly does your home. Your home can transform into a stunning sanctuary with the littlest change. It would be favorable for you to look at Window installation Vancouver by leading Wisal Glass Company.

Put your trust in a dominant company that has consistently delivered exceptional window installation products and services at affordable prices for many years. Our stunning window system supports your design and lifestyle needs by Complementing your home.

Wisal’s design experts will arrange the most convenient installation time for your schedule after communicating about your desired window or door style and hardware accessories. Courteous and factory-trained installers accomplish their job neatly for the first time. Whether it is the installation of windows in your office building, commercial property, or upgrading the windows in your home. Our architects will manage your project excellently to improve the beauty and value of your property.

Why You Should Hire Window Installation Vancouver

Technically skilled Crew:

Our polite, trained installers know the significance value of providing unbeatable high-caliber work. They also have the experience and sources to do so splendidly. They focus on explaining all your choices in detail and reply to your inquiry without delay. We install all materials to code. All installer team members are proficient and qualified to satisfy and exceed requirements set forth with the new premier Certification requirements.

Crafted With Precision:

Highly trained and knowledgeable professionals manufacture window designs and sizes that perfectly match the requirements and fascinations of our customers. These stunning windows tailor to fit perfectly in the space of an already existing arena. Our installation specialists cover every project with a limited installation guarantee.

Hassle-Free Installation:

Experience efficiency with Wisal Glass without compromise and improved comfort with world-class standards. We remove and discard your old windows and doors accurately. Then our artists correctly install your new windows and doors. After finishing the job, they conduct a full inspection of the newly installed windows.  They also verify to your satisfaction

Window Installation Vancouver

Wisal’s Technicians Can Install The Following Window Styles Include:

  • Aluminum Windows
  • Double-Glazed Windows
  • Triple-Glazed Windows
  • Vinyl Windows
  • All-Weather Windows

If you are looking for any service regarding window installation, skylight installation, or shower door installation Vancouver. Then you can contact us any time. You will get a quick response regarding your query.

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