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Base shoe glass railing Stand-off glass railing trend, there are variations of styles…which ultimately makes it a look with endless possibilities. Frameless glass railings, which mount via  sleek and stylish and make the ideal option for uninterrupted views. Baluster railings, alternatively, are a great way to put the structure of the railing front and centre, showcasing beautiful posts with glass clips or adapters. Whichever option is best for your own home, we’re sure you’ll love the finished look as much as we do.Not only will glass railings allow an opportunity to take in the surrounding view, an increase in the flow of natural daylight into your space is proven to improve your mood. Eliminating frames and posts offers a wide-open feel that can help create a feeling of lightness and calm, and even make a smaller space feel bigger than the sum of its square footage.Glass is an on-trend material in contemporary design. As modern architects are looking for bigger, bolder glass doors and full-wall glazing on projects, they’re embracing glass for railings as well to enhance that glass-jewel-box look. Frameless designs and baluster-style railings provide a versatile design selection for distinguished looks.

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